Current Cases: Class Actions and Mass Torts

When large corporations manufacture unsafe products, market them in ways that put the public at risk, or act in any otherwise negligent manner, it’s up to consumers to hold them accountable.  The best way to do this is through lawsuits.  The two most common remedies available when a company’s actions affect many people are:

Mass Tort Litigation

A Mass Tort is a civil action that involves multiple plaintiffs against one or several common defendants. Mass torts are civil actions that have many plaintiffs involved against one or several defendant corporations. In mass tort cases, each case in the group is treated and heard individually.  They are most common in cases involving dangerous drugs and medical devices.

Class-Action Lawsuits

A “class action” is a lawsuit in which a group of people that suffered the same injuries caused by the same product, action, or defect sue the defendant together as a group.  Class actions are used to reduce the number of court cases in situations where hearing each case individually may not be possible. Class actions are heard collectively as one case. Class actions are most common in cases of defective products, corporate misconduct, employment practices, and consumer or corporate fraud.

 Current Cases

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