Caitlyn Jenner Settles Another Lawsuit But Still Faces a Legal Battle

Two down, one to go.  Just under a month after settling a lawsuit stemming from the fatal car crash last February, Caitlyn Jenner settles another.

Thursday, Jenner and the stepchildren on Kim Howe reached a settlement and filed to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit.

Jenner’s attorney, Philip Boesch Jr., confirmed the news to the AP.  No other details or financial specifics have been released.

Jenner isn’t out of the woods yet though, she still faces a suit from the Wolf-Milesi family – the drivers of the Hummer that Kim Howe’s car struck after it was pushed into oncoming traffic by Jenner’s vehicle.

The Wolf-Milesi negligence suit was filed by Los Angeles personal injury lawyers Panish Shea & Boyle in early December. In the complaint, found on the firm’s website, the family claims that multiple occupants in the vehicle where seriously injured.  Peter Wolf-Milesi, a Grammy-nominated composer suffered nerve damage to both hands and wrists, his wife Lea suffered orthopedic trauma to both legs, neck and back, and Lea’s mother, Elga, suffered a C-spine “hangman’s fracture” in her neck.

Crash investigators found that Jenner was traveling at speeds unsafe for traffic conditions moments before the February crash, but no charges were filed against her.

Brian Beltz

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